Lazy K Ranch Horses

The Lazy K Ranch has a variety of beautiful horses but the show stoppers are Magic and Charlie. To have Bryan and Mary bring out these two beauties to your special event makes for an unforgettable experience. Please browse below to meet these and more wonderful animals at the Lazy K Ranch.

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Magic and Charlie

Magic and Charlie are our number one team, and they are doing all the events at this time.  This is the work they were trained for, and they have done it well all their lives.  They get lots of attention wherever they go, and they love it. 

Magic is a big black Percheron, with a big white star on his forehead and one white sock.  He was born on our farm, and is a quiet, steady horse who wants to please.  

His team mate, Charlie, was purchased in a team as a two-year-old.  His team mate developed a lameness, and could do only light work, so we found a new home for him.  Charlie was then paired with Magic, and they have worked well together ever since.  Charlie is also big and black, with a crescent shaped star on his forehead.  He is also quiet and easy to handle, but can be mischievous at times.


Lizzy is a purebred Percheron mare.  Though technically a gray, she is pure white.  She drives single and double, so she can be driven on the carriage or a wagon.  The past two years at our farm, Lizzy has been a broodmare, raising two special babies.


Iris, Lizzy’s baby, is a purebred Percheron, born June 2020.  She is a yearling filly, and will be taller than her mother.  She will be a great driving horse.