The Lazy K Ranch

   Over 30 years ago, we started our carriage and wagon ride business.  Before that, Bryan had worked with an “old timer,” Don Knopf, driving in parades in local communities and in the City of St. Paul.  When Don passed away in 1991, we bought the business from his widow, Grayce, and two years later we purchased the farm, Lazy K Ranch, from her.

The Old Barn

There have been many changes at the Lazy K over the years.  The old farmhouse was replaced by a new home.  The old dairy barn was torn down, and a new horse barn was built.  Ted and Tom, our first team of black Percheron horses, were replaced by other teams.  Carriages and wagons were sold, and better ones were purchased.  Many other improvements were made on the farm.
We love sharing our horses (click here to see them!) with everyone.  Over the years our business has increased from doing mostly parades, to doing weddings, to giving wagon rides and sleigh rides, and now adding Quinceañeras with the white vis a vis carriage. 

The New Barn

We have had many adventures giving rides over the years, and have met many wonderful people along the way, some who remained life-long friends.

During 2020 our world changed with the Covid virus, and weddings, community events, and other celebrations were cancelled.  We are happy that we are back at work this year, and we look forward to doing more events and rides in the future.